Last year my husband entered a ‘Biggest Loser contest at work to get ready for summer.  He started walking, then thought he would try running which he used to love however proved detrimental to his knees.  For a couple of years  I had been gently suggested  (okay it may have bordered on nagging) to take up cycling as it would strengthen the muscles around his knees and help him lose weight – he called himself a telly tubby – then he could go back to running in the future once he had built up his strength and lost some weight.  Like all good husbands he was incredibly resistant to my wisdom however when running failed he decided to give it a go.

After a month or so he really fell in love with cycling.  I was so proud of him going off in his shorts and singlet top when all those other cyclists I saw wore Lycra.  He got to know a terrific fellow named Warren McDonald who had trained women cyclists for the Olympics.  Warren now owns Finn and Dash at Cotton Tree and while I love that he got said husband to get involved in the cycling world I was horrified when the first pair of Lycra ‘yodeling’ pants turned up with all the other cyclist paraphernalia that cyclists have to have!

So now I have a ‘Mamil’ a Middle Aged Man In Lycra, who proudly parades around coffee shops in his Lycra (if we meet up I take him a normal pair of shorts to go over the top 🙂

. maybe  as a result he started cycling.  I think most people get into cycling for a fitness goal of some sort.  He did lose a great deal of weight when he first started. Some weeks he would lose a little weight, the next a lot.  He soon realised that he need to include diet into the equation.  Once as he started to watch the quantity and the types of food he ate he was able to regulate the amount of weight he lost each week.

When you are overweight, you will lose weight doing just about any kind of physical exercise and cycling is very good for this reason, but trying to lose all the weight you want to lose is next to impossible if all you focus on is your bicycling.

It has been twelve months since he initially started and he now not only rides to maintain his weight but for the enjoyment of riding and for the stress relief benefits after a hard days work.