At Sunshine Coast Exercise Physiology you will see the same person each time you come – me!  I have a home clinic so there is no one else watching you exercise and you have the freedom to discuss any strategies or concerns you have openly with me.

Karen Veltmeyer (AEP) BSc (Sport and Exercise) Diploma of Remedial Massage

Karen Veltmeyer (AEP) BSc (Sport and Exercise) Diploma of Remedial Massage

At 50+ years old I maintain a healthy weight range without an extreme exercise regime or weighing myself every other day.  I simply eat whole foods (for the most part) don’t get sucked into the latest fad diet/exercise/wonder pill and participate in activities I enjoy.  I believe it is important to stay within a healthy weight range however I’m not the person to see if your focus is on quick weight loss.

Holistic Health is much more important than being thin.  You will find lots of tips under ‘Health on a Budget’ for achieving excellent health.  Simple living has a lot of health benefits and leaves you money in the bank to put towards travel or your favourite hobby.

I have been involved in the health and fitness industry for almost 25 years.  In 1992 I went to Tafe and studied Fitness which was then a single module and then went on to complete modules on mature age exercise, strength and fitness and aqua fitness.  I taught land based gentle exercises, seated exercises and aqua fitness at several retirement villages and over 50 clubs.  In 1998 I was pondering what I could add to my program to improve my client’s quality of life.  I watched a program on the ABC where an elderly lady said the only time she received touch was when the milk man handed her change.  The programme was on the power of touch which led me to study Remedial Massage and I qualified in 1999.  Exercise is wonderful however sometimes massage is a great precursor as it frees up muscles and joints which can make exercise more enjoyable.

In 2003 I began my Bachelor of Sport and Exercise at Sunshine Coast University.  I secured a part time job at a Physiotherapy Clinic in Caloundra.  I learned much at the Physio and this is where my love for Pilates began.  Clinical Pilates is great as a rehabilitation tool and is also really efficient for strength and flexibility.  On completing my degree I attained my qualification as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) which means I can work with people who are referred by their Doctor for the Enhanced Primary Care Program (called either EPC or TCA – Team Care Arrangement) which is bulk billed, DVA and Private Health Rebates.

Sunshine Coast Exercise Physiology offers a wide range of services:  exercise programs for rehabilitation, strength work, toning, health coaching and remedial massage.

When you come to see me we will work together to determine your true goals, what motivates you and how you can achieve sustainable wellness across all areas of your life.

Sunshine coast Exercise Physiology offer professional Exercise Physiology and Remedial Massage Therapy