How Can Exercise Physiology Help With Weight Loss?

Healthy-Living-Choices1.   Multiple studies have proven the benefits of exercise in any weight loss program and in fact are absolutely vital for us to remain fit, burn fat and maintain a healthy weight range

2.   Exercise helps avoid “recurring” weight gain, often connected with rapid weight loss

3.  Although healthy eating and reduced calorie consumption is crucial in the initial weight loss process, exercise plays a crucial role in sustained long term weight loss as it means you have changed your behaviour patterns and are now living a more active, healthful life

Which exercises will give me the results quickly?

  1.  Whichever exercise medium you enjoy.  The list is endless:  cycling, swimming, walking, gym, boxercise, yoga, Pilates etc. and the best way to stay motivated is to have an exercise buddy (or 3) to stay accountable to
  2.  45 – 60 minutes per day appears to be the key to long term weight loss – but before you yell ‘impossible’ this can be done over the day.  Some interval training also is a quick way to get the same results in a shorter time
  3. To stay motivated exercise because it makes you feel good and acknowledge the long term benifits – not because you are waiting for the scales to validate your efforts

How Do I fit Exercise into a full schedule?

  1.  Do it for the long term health benefits not for weight loss so know that even a little daily is better than none
  2. We do this by working with you to identify the different aspects of exercise that fit in with your everyday activities. For example, parking further far away from the store entrance when you go to the shops or riding a bike or walking to the corner shop to purchase the paper or the milk.  As you begin to generate an exercise awareness, exercising becomes an activity you undertake during the course of a day. Our goal is to encourage and inspire you to take control of your weight management goals, after all exercise is a great way to maintain long term weight loss, it’s also fun and essential for good mental and physical health and your longevity.

Sunshine Coast Exercise Physiology highly encourages regular and safe exercise for any  client undertaking a weight loss program.  Research shows that exercise is .. Our goal is  to give you the tools and training for your long term success.